films and laminates

Application of films and laminates in hygienic products resulted in new quality in customer care. Due to the huge commitment of our team and investments in the state of the art machinery we created unique offer which we still improve. Films and laminates are used mainly in hygienic products but also in chemical, building, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and electronic industry. They increase comfort and safety at work and in everyday life.

breathable films

Depending on the usage breathable film is polythene or polypropylene film filled with calcium carbonate which gives breathability property in production process. Due to its microporous structure, the film has ideal print properties with both solvent-based and water-based inks. It is used in a wide range of hygienic products for women, children and people with incontinent problems.


breathable films

In hygienic products softness and delicateness result in ideal adjustment to the finished product. Accurately selected breathable film transmits heat with vapour outside the product, which contributes to the high comfort and does not allow any red patches or skin irritation.

Due to the thermoregulatory and barrier properties with liquid, the film is also used to produce laminates utilized in constructional industry (as a roofing), medical and protective clothing (single-use) industry. We offer white film from 15g/m2 and width up to 2500mm. Although the film is available in white, we can select other pastel colors to satisfy our customers’ needs. More information about breathable film – click.

perforated films

The perforated film is a poliethylene vacuumly formed film. Depending on the selected recipe and the structure of funnels, the film can be utilized in the hygienic, cosmetic and food industries.

The film that is used in hygienic products is a delicate net which causes fast liquid penetration into the product and keeps the skin dry for a substantial period of time. Both funnels structure and film colour can be selected individually to meet our customers’ requirements.


perforated films

Along with our partner, we developed a special kind of perforated film, used by the food industry, which is immensely strong and possesses excellent filtration properties. This material ensures effective whey filtration, has properties that guarantee leaving the surface of the cheese easily and assure smooth surfaces that remain intact.


Our company offers a wide range of laminates used in hygienic, medical, clothing and technical industries. We are the only company in Poland that produces laminates with the HOT-MELT technology. Depending on the customer’s needs, our laminates are permeable, barrier, have the ability to absorb liquids and antielectrostatic properties. Joining printing technology with lamination process results in an offer rich in multicoluoured structures. Due to the high quality of our laminates, we have gained the trust of brands such as BellaHappySeni i Matopat.



We elaborated range of specially designed laminates under the Salveguarda™ brand, which are intended for the production of overalls and protective clothing utilized in the chemical, medical, pharmaceutical, agricultural, food and automotive industries and in situations when a possibility of stained skin or clothes may occur.

The newest technological solution is Aquascreen laminates which are created by linking of two technologies hot-melt and cold-melt. Due to significant increase of electromagnetic fields in our environment we produced the latest generation shielding materials which imitates shielding used by the nature. These materials eliminates in the most possible way the danger for human by minimizing the intensity of electromagnetic field.

Each customer is important for us and each innovative project is a challenge for us. We help to solve our buyers’ problems in range of raw materials choice and performance parameters of the product. We offer cooperation in the range of designing and lamination service in HOT-MELT technology.

we focus on innovative solutions

We offer a wide range of products and cooperation in new ideas realization from design stage through validation to after sale service. Each client is important for us and each innovative project is a challenge for us. We endeavor to be perceived as best supplier in meeting requirements of the market so if you have an idea for new product or service please contact us – we are ready to meet your expectations.

Salveguarda™ laminates

Given the current state of affairs in the world - threats from terrorism, war, epidemics, and natural disasters - the requirements for protective clothing have never been so high. 

Protective clothing protects human against environmental factors but also technology against human. The growing necessity of protective clothing demands the use of creative and practical solutions to improve safety and comfort at work.


Salveguarda™ laminates

We elaborated range of laminates under the Salveguarda™ brand which are utilized in the pharmaceutical, medical, chemical, agricultural, food, electronics, automotive, constructional, petrochemical industries and in situations when there is a risk to stain skin or clothes. 

The group of products marked with the Salveguarda™ are made from the latest and highest quality laminates used for disposable protective clothing. All materials are characterized by softness as well as high barrier and strength. Salveguarda™ laminates are widely used for protective overalls of category III, types 3, 4, 5 and 6. Depending on application, the laminates are designed to meet the various needs of the customers. 

Laminates are designed for safety and comfort during use. Salveguarda™ is breathable, releasing trapped heat and protecting against conditions such as hyperhidrosis. They are light, resistant to liquids, chemicals and bacteria. Their anti-static properties are in accordance with the European standards.

Aquascreen laminates

The pace of life increases – we spend more and more time at work, we have less time to rest and regenerate our body effectively. In order to change it we should make sure that our sleep is long enough and of good quality. Insufficient amount of sleep causes that our body is not fully regenerated and metabolism is imbalanced what results in putting on weight or some ailments such as: lower stress resistance, decreased effectiveness at work (bad memory and concentration) or headaches. What is more as a result of serotonin insufficiency there is increased risk of type 2 diabetes as well as prostate and breast cancer.


Aquascreen laminates

When you sleep your temperature decreases by one degree and then DNA is rebuilt and organism regenerated. However if our body is under the influence of interfering factors then there are physical and biological changes in our organism. The reason of such dependencies is water, which is present in our body and is responsible for electromagnetic field absorption and changes this energy into heat.

Aquascreen laminates function on the same basis. In the structure of laminate, trapped water in the form of hydrate possess the ability to absorb the electromagnetic field and at the same time it becomes safe screen of electromagnetic field for human without the need of grounding. Laminates are utilized in furniture, energey, medical, constructional and home industries and everywhere where there is need for barrier between human and EMF.  

Aquascreen laminates have been designed with intention for safety and care for our health. They protect us from electromagnetic field's harmful activity and by imitating the nature they minimize it's impact to the lowest level. Aquascreen laminates are the answer to changing world in which the impact of electromagnetic field is higher than ever and it increases together with civilization development. More information on websites and

atuty naszych folii i laminatów

Szeroka gama produktów

Dzięki bardzo szerokiemu wachlarzowi produktów, nasze wyroby mają zastosowanie w wielu różnych branżach.

Elastyczność i doradztwo

Elastyczne dostosowanie procesów produkcyjnych i doradztwo w zakresie najlepszych rozwiązań.


Stosowanie najnowocześniejszych technologii, gwarantujących optymalny poziom kosztów połączonych z wysoką jakością materiałów.

Laminaty Aquascreen

Posiadają zdolność do pochłaniania energii pola elektromagnetycznego, jednocześnie stając się bezpiecznym ekranem dla człowieka, bez konieczności uziemienia materiału..

Laminaty Salveguarda™

Wysokiej jakości nowoczesne laminaty używane w odzieży ochronnej jednorazowego użytku.

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